Don't just deliver it, deliver it well with Barb Grant

I can help you to

  • frame up your change strategy

  • get clear on the change outcomes you need to achieve

  • trouble-shoot your existing change programme, and

  • define the leadership activities to support the change.


I have over two decades experience in

  • team specific and large scale enterprise internal and external customer base change management planning and delivery, and

  • change delivery in complex waterfall, transitioning waterfall to agile and full agile environments.

  • BA Hons, 1st Class, English and Classics

  • Cert. Mus.

  • 28 Years Change Management Delivery Experience - exposure to ADDIE, PROSCI, Kotter and multiple other change management methodologies. However, I like to keep it 'method agnostic' and deliver what works for each change in each unique environment.

The difference I bring is
  • a strong weather eye for the critical path

  • an unerring instinct, which only ability and experience can deliver, to name, 'the' issue (yeah - the one that most people are avoiding) and have multiple fresh ideas on how to address it, and

  • the ability to deliver with a light touch, leavened with some humour and humility.