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Want to join my free webinar?

On Wednesday, 21 June 1 - 2 pm, NZST, I'm running a free webinar to teach tools and techniques on how to assess your stakeholders to motivate high change adoption.

Not at a great local time for you? Sign up and you'll receive free access to the replay.

Have complex Business change you need to deliver?

I help people and organisations undertake bold change management. I specialise in the successful delivery of large-scale organisational development programmes across people, process and technology.


If your business change is complex, I can help you get it delivered for maximum adoption, maximum and fast benefit realisation and minimal business disruption. I ensure you deliver change management that sticks.

I am a master level change management practitioner with thirty years' experience in successful business change management and information management delivery in a mix of complex public sector and commercial environments.

I stand for:

  • the embraced growing edge

  • a people-centered approach

  • courageous leadership

  • authentic engagement

  • tech that serves people not people serving tech, and

  • practical, fit-to-purpose solutions that work.

'The business change isn't done when it's delivered, it's done when people use it for high buy-in and meaningful results.'

I Can Help!
Barb Grant - Lead Change Management Consultant

CHange Management Services 

- If you need clarity on what the change management challenge is and the change programme that will address it, I can help. We can get clear on the change outcomes you ne...
Change Management Consultancy
8 hr
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