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Have complex Business change you need to deliver?

I help people and organisations undertake bold change management. I specialise in the successful delivery of large-scale organisational development programmes across people, process and technology.


If your business change is complex, I can help you get it delivered for maximum adoption, maximum and fast benefit realisation and minimal business disruption. I ensure you deliver change management that sticks.

I am a master level change management practitioner with thirty years' experience in successful business change management and information management delivery in a mix of complex public sector and commercial environments.

I stand for:

  • the embraced growing edge

  • a people-centered approach

  • courageous leadership

  • authentic engagement

  • tech that serves people not people serving tech, and

  • practical, fit-to-purpose solutions that work.

'The business change isn't done when it's delivered, it's done when people use it for high buy-in and meaningful results.'

I Can Help!
Barb Grant - Lead Change Management Consultant
Headshot of Barb Grant, Director, Principal Change Management Consultant and author of gold award winner 'Change Management that Sticks' in the Global Book Awards 2023, Organizational Change

CHange Management Services 

Are you struggling with managing change in your business? Let us help you navigate through the challenges and roadblocks that come with change. Our expert consultants wil...
Change Management Consultancy
8 hr
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