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Book Launch is here!

'Change management THAT sticks' is live!

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It's here! My new book for change agents, 'Change Management that Sticks' is live. Available in Kindle edition for US$9.99. Also, in paperback at US$19.99 or NZ$29.99. Scroll below to see the link for the bonus companion 52-page workbook.


Paperback - Australasia

Audiobook - Australasia

Kindle ebook - Australasia


Paperback - US

Audiobook - US

Kindle ebook - US

Other Distributors - But best deals on amazon!
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

If you want to check out the bonus 52-page workbook, click here.


When you confirm sign-up via your inbox, you'll be taken to a page where you can download the bonus workbook PDF, the on-the-job companion to the book, 'Change Management that Sticks'.

If you get something out of the book and bonus workbook, please consider leaving a five-star review on Amazon with a few paragraphs about what you liked and why. It really helps to get the word out, so we can grow the community delivering change management that sticks!

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