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Book Launch is here!

'Change management THAT sticks' is live!

Change management consultant and bestselling Amazon author holding a proof copy of her gold award winning book, 'Change Management that Sticks'
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Image of the Amazon #1 bestselling book and gold medal award winner for change agents, 'Change Management that Sticks'

It's here! My new book for change agents, 'Change Management that Sticks' is live. Available in Kindle edition for only US$9.99! Also, in paperback at US$19.99 or NZ$29.99 plus GST. Scroll below to see the link for the bonus companion 52-page workbook.


Paperback - Australasia

Audiobook - Australasia

Kindle ebook - Australasia


Paperback - US

Audiobook - US

Kindle ebook - US

Other Distributors - But best deals on amazon!
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

If you want to check out the bonus 52-page workbook, click here.


When you sign-up via you'll be taken to a page where you can download the bonus workbook PDF, the on-the-job companion to the book, 'Change Management that Sticks'.

If you get something out of the book and bonus workbook, please consider leaving a review on Amazon with a few paragraphs about what you liked and why. It really helps to get the word out, so we can grow the community delivering change management that sticks!

Endorsement quote and image of the Global Awards 2023 gold medal winning book, 'Change Management that Sticks' in the category 'Organizational Change'
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