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A Bit Extra with Barb - First Book Launch Update

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Change management consultant and gold award winning author in the Global Book Awards 2023 for 'Change Management that Sticks'
Author Barb Grant

I've just received the first full proof of the book cover and back cover design.

Gold award winning book and Amazon #1 bestseller 'Change Management that Sticks'
Gold award winning book and Amazon #1 bestseller 'Change Management that Sticks'

I've also been delving into the world of audio books, finding a voice talent to narrate.

I've settled on a wonderful American narrator, Michelle Marie Harrison, who is a kindred spirit as we both have singing in common.

Looking for a narrator is like buying fancy yoghurt, but instead of ordering sprinkles it's an order of 'authorative' with a side order of 'engaging' and lashings of 'business-like'.

Because I'm not writing a romance it's hold the 'seductive'!

To find a narrator you literally go to a pick list and select all the vocal characteristics you're looking for, then audition the talent by listening to a huge range of voice samples.

The journey to settle on an American narrator has been quite a process. At first, I considered writing with American spelling, as this is by far the biggest market of change management professionals.

However, advice from my editor was to, 'write what you know, for who you know', so I've written for an Australasian audience, with UK English spelling, but gone for an American narrator for the audio version.

There is a large and growing audience for audio books in the States, so I hope I can pick up some of my US change management colleagues this way!

Gold award winning book and Amazon #1 bestseller 'Change Management that Sticks'
Gold award winning book and Amazon #1 bestseller 'Change Management that Sticks'

Rest assured Michelle Marie has a rich and melodious voice and will be going for a transatlantic delivery without too much twang.

It's taken a lot of work to get to the final version of the back cover design, as this is so important. If it's the front cover that attracts, it's the back cover that sells, so it's worthwhile making sure every word counts!

Right now, the manuscript is with the typesetter which is one of the final steps before loading and launching on Amazon.

The book will be available in soft cover print, kindle and audio book editions.

I plan to post at least four more updates counting down to the book launch date and letting you know when you can get it for the special launch price offer!

This is the first of these types of posts, so I've focused on the book.

If you'd like to hear more change management thoughts similar to those I post on LinkedIn, and more about the client work I'm doing right now, please send me an email and let me know at or leave me a comment below this post.

I'd love to hear from you. Let me know what you'd like more of in these posts. If there's someone you know who would be interested in the book, please flick them on the post email you received with thanks.

I can't wait to let 'Change Cat', the book's cartoon muse loose into the world - so here's the last word from sassy Change Cat!

Change Cat cartoon from the gold award winning book and Amazon #1 bestseller 'Change Management that Sticks'
Change cat cartoon from the book Change Management that Sticks

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